Contemporary Abstract Artist living and working in Venice, California.

My mission as an abstract painter is to delve into the depths of human experiences of self and the world, and translate them onto the canvas. I aim to create visual language resonating with universal energies, taking viewers on a journey through their own perceptions and interpretations. 

The narrative ​​is the heartbeat of my paintings. Each canvas unfolds as a story and becomes a bridge of connection and ultimate expression of our unity. It’s an invitation to take part in a tactile, visual and thought-provoking narrative. It facilitates contemplation of existential themes while acknowledging the shared aspects of the human condition. 

My artistic vision is shaped by a blend of existential reflections about meaning and authenticity, identity and self-definition. It’s inspired by post-war abstract expressionists (Newman, Rothko), Korean Monochrome movement Dansaekhwa (Chung Chang-Sup, Kim Guiline) as well as phenomenology and Jungian psychology. 

Each painting is intricately layered, employing the Renaissance technique of glazing and my own method of building texture utilizing industrial materials. Each one is a result of deliberate and meditative layering process, combined with spontaneous, dynamic and gestural strokes. I blend, scrape and reapply paints often using unconventional tools until the painting reveals itself. 

My fascination with surfaces finds its roots in the distressed and weathered facades of buildings that I was exposed to growing up in Poland. 

I use texture to evoke a sense of movement and energy, and to foster engagement allowing a fuller and richer experience of my work. It often carries symbolic meaning that enriches the narrative. It communicates the twists and turns of life, dualities (strength vs vulnerabilities), transformations and adaptability, the interplay between our surroundings and identity. The latter has been informed by my own experience of cultural assimilation. How identity is defined by the surroundings of our past and who we were then, and where we are now? Who would I be like if I hadn’t immigrated to the UK, and again to the USA? 

My creative focus has yielded three collections: The Elements, The Dots, and Forms. Each painting 'matured' on the walls of my home, shuttling back and forth between there and my studio. It underwent continuous refinement until it resonated with the intended energy and emotion.

Integrity, authenticity and connection are the driving forces of my work.