Contemporary Abstract Artist living and working in Venice, California.

My mission is to create statement pieces that will  take you on a journey, evoke emotions and inspire you to pause, and leap into a different way of experiencing the world.

Through a mix of deliberate layering and spontaneous strokes, and days of blending and glazing, scrapping and reapplying paints with brushes, rollers, palette knives, cloths, hands and other non-traditional and self-invented tools I want each piece to capture the complexity of our experiences. This is where we can meet and connect, and find a mutual understanding of the world without words.

Each canvas unfolds as a story, it’s an invitation to take part in a tactile, visual and thought-provoking narrative.

From bold, vivid and energetic to contemplative, each piece is intended to become a kaleidoscope of emotions and perspectives that are meant to inspire you to journey through your own perceptions and interpretations.

Within each piece, there is a narrative to be discovered. As I delve into the depths to reveal our shared experiences, the canvas becomes a bridge of connection and ultimate expression of our unity.

Each piece is technically rich. It “matures” on the walls of my house.  It hangs there for months at times and moves between there and my studio until the colors blend seamlessly, creating a harmonious dance of hues that resonates with the intended energy.

Integrity, authenticity and connection are the driving forces of my work.