Contemporary Abstract Artist living and working in Venice, California.

My mission is to use my own visual vocabulary to capture our unique experiences of self, others and the world.

The narrative ​​is the heartbeat of my artwork. As my ultimate goal is to create artwork that offers engagement on multiple levels, it's a viewer's choice how they want to experience it. Whether one finds resonance in the sensual allure of aesthetics, uncovers emotional depths within the work, embarks on intellectual explorations, reacts viscerally, my wish is simple: pause.

Each painting is intricately layered employing my own method of building texture utilizing often non-traditional materials.

Each piece is a result of deliberate and meditative processes combined with spontaneous, dynamic and gestural strokes.

I blend, scrape and reapply paints until the painting reveals itself. I'm a part of the process driven by authenticity, sense of purpose and compassion.