Joanna is a Contemporary Abstract Artist. Born and raised in Poland. Spent nearly two decades in London, UK before settling down in Los Angeles. 

“Art has always been my refuge. It’s my passion as well as a compulsion of the soul being disciplined by the mind”.

With a background in psychology Joanna brings a unique perspective to the world of abstract expressionism. After years of studying and analyzing the intricacies of the human mind, she found painting to be her way of self-expression. Her artwork is a window to the soul, a visual representation of her innermost thoughts and feelings.

For her, abstraction is more than just a style or a technique - it's a way of seeing the world.  It’s a process of retaining authenticity and love for creation, and freedom of self-expression. She seeks to capture the essence of the human experience by distilling it into a series of shapes, colors, and textures. Her paintings convey a message, evoke an emotion or inspire contemplation. They meant to be visceral. 

 “I believe that art touches the soul and creates the landscape for growth and connection. It's a language on its own and it speaks directly to the heart and soul. My desire is to create art that is a testament to the power of this language, and a reminder that the most profound truths are expressed without words. I want to offer you a kaleidoscope of emotions and perspectives, and inspire you to taste the full spectrum of our inner and collective worlds".