From grounding through bold and emotionally charged; insightful and gripping to perfectly balanced. It's a brave blend of non-representational images of aesthetic values infused with strong meaning.

Joanna's abstracts tell stories. Each brushstroke is deliberate. Each layer conveys a message.

Tune in.

  • Process

    << I'm a process-oriented artist. I can't force it but apply & reapply layers, move oils freely and gesturally; at times meticulously & methodically across a canvas until I catch the creative wave...this is when the picture emerges and the story is being revealed. It's a long process but I can't ditch's my commitment to authenticity, transparency and honesty. Otherwise, what's the point? >>

  • Content

    <<There is a constant dialog between a canvas and myself. There is a story that needs to be captured without words but with texture, colour, and composition. Each brushstroke brings new possibilities of how the story is revealed. And if you can tune into it, it means we connected without words. >>

  • Context

    << Stories make your life. My every intention is to capture them on a canvas.>>